Heat and Pressure Can Crack the Exhaust Manifold Gasket

CAR FIX is the best auto shop in Maryville, and we are going to list below the signs of a cracked exhaust manifold gasket. As the title of this blog post explains, heat and pressure can crack the manifold gasket. The gasket seals the exhaust manifold, and the exhaust manifold is the exhaust system part that takes in the exhaust created in the combustion chamber. This exhaust is extremely hot and forced out of the manifold using extreme pressure. Again, this can crack the gasket.

Reduced Performance

One of the things that will happen if the exhaust manifold gasket cracks is that it will reduce your engine’s performance. The scorching exhaust will leak out of the crack in the exhaust manifold gasket and fill the engine with exhaust gases. These gases interfere with combustion production.

Reduced Gas Mileage

Unfortunately, because the gases interfere with combustion production, your engine will use more fuel to produce power. Consequently, this reduces the gas mileage that your vehicle gets. With gas prices reaching all-time highs, this can really be a problem for people living on tight budgets.

Burning Rubber Odors

As we mentioned above, the exhaust that leaks out of the compromised gasket is extremely hot. Unfortunately, it is so hot that it can melt rubber auto parts. It can also melt plastic auto parts. You will smell these parts melting in the engine. The engine will also overheat.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

Although the above odors are a bad sign, an even worse sign is exhaust odors in your passenger cabin. You should never drive your automobile if you are inhaling its exhaust. This is deadly and will make you seriously ill if you continue to operate the vehicle.

Tapping or Hissing

If you have been having the problems listed above, listen for tapping or hissing sounds when you first start your automobile. These noises are the noises that the exhaust gases make when they escape out of the crack in the exhaust manifold gasket.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, it shouldn’t surprise you that the engine control unit is going to turn on the check engine light because of all the problems listed above. Unfortunately, the light will remain illuminated on the dashboard until you have the exhaust manifold gasket replaced.

We can do that here at CAR FIX in Maryville, TN, so call us today to schedule a service appointment for your automobile. We are the only auto service shop that you need.

Photo by kvsan from getty images via Canva Pro

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