Oil Change & Maintenance

oil change and maintenance

Few would disagree that the most essential and frequent service you should have performed on your car is the simple oil change. This process of removing aging, dirty engine oil from your vehicle and replacing it with a fresh batch, is essential to keeping your engine running not just well, but running overall; skipping an oil change for too long can lead to engine lockup. So when it is time for oil changes in Maryville, TN, or any preventative or scheduled maintenance your car needs, trust your vehicle to the team of professional experts at CAR FIX Maryville. We will get you tuned up and back out on the road in a flash.

Oil Changes Maryville TN

Every driver understands the importance of regular oil changes, but many might not be sure of why they are required. As your car’s engine runs, the pieces produce a great deal of heat and friction. The oil in your engine is what keeps these moving parts cool and free from friction that can cause them to break down. Over time, or at about the 3,000 to 5,000-mile mark in most vehicles, this oil begins to break down and must be replaced. Don’t trust this essential service to a chain or big box store; when it comes to oil changes in Maryville, TN, your only choice should be the team at CAR FIX Maryville.

Preventative Maintenance Maryville TN

Oil changes aren’t the only maintenance you should have performed on a regular basis to keep your car running great; there is a full slate of scheduled maintenance the pros at CAR FIX Maryville are happy to provide. Your car’s owner’s manual, if you flip to the very back, has a dedicated section detailing exactly when your car is due for service. This can include your standard 30/60/90k mile services, transmission or drivetrain services, AC & Heat check-ups, and more. You won’t know what you are due for until you look, and when you do the team at CAR FIX Maryville will be here to help.

Oil Change Near Me

For the very best oil changes in Maryville, TN, the name you know you can trust is CAR FIX Maryville. But beyond that, our team is uniquely equipped to handle all your preventative maintenance needs, even beyond the simple oil change. The pros at CAR FIX of Maryville, TN want to partner with you to keep your car on the road for years and miles to come. Make an appointment today!

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