My SUV Won’t Stop Overheating

If your SUV overheats every time that you drive it, it’s possible the water pump has gone bad. If you have over 100,000 miles on the odometer, CAR FIX in Maryville advises that this is the average lifespan of the factory water pump. Do not worry. We can replace your water pump if it needs it. Here are signs that it does.

Rusty Pump Housing

If you pop the hood and inspect the water pump, you should not see any corrosion. If the pump housing is rusted, the water pump has a slow leak. This type of leak causes the coolant to puddle around the pump housing and corrode it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to repair a slow leak. We will need to replace the water pump.

Leaking Engine Coolant

If we don’t replace the water pump it will eventually start to leak coolant onto the garage floor. This coolant loss can be the cause of your SUV’s overheating. Any time you see coolant spots on your garage floor, it’s a good idea that you avoid driving your automobile because the coolant levels are too low. Adding coolant will only help the levels temporarily as the coolant continues to leak out of the cooling system.

Bad Coolant Circulation

Another sign that your water pump is going bad is if the coolant is not circulating through the engine. This is the water pump’s job. As we mentioned above, the factory pump will last about 100,000 miles. After this time, it may struggle to circulate the coolant through the engine because it is malfunctioning. Replacing the water pump will restore the coolant circulation.

Growling Engine Noises

If you hear growling noises coming from the engine, your water pump may be wearing down on the inside. This can affect its ability to circulate the coolant through the engine. The water pump is attached to the accessory belt and this, too, can affect its operation if the accessory belt is too loose. If the belt is too loose, you may hear squealing sounds when you start your SUV.

Constant Overheating

All of these things can deprive the engine of much-needed coolant to prevent it from overheating. Consequently, your SUV’s engine will end up with a temperature above 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the maximum temperature at which an engine should run.

CAR FIX in Maryville, TN, can replace your vehicle’s water pump if it needs it. Call us today to set up a service appointment for a pump test and replacement.

Photo by joebelanger from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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