Signs My Engine Is Too Old

Driving a classic automobile is an exhilarating experience, especially if it is the automobile of your dreams. Unfortunately, car engines do not last forever. As such, there will come a point when the engine in your classic beauty is too old and needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Thankfully, we can help with either at our auto repair shop. Here are signs your car’s engine is too old.

Continual Overheating

An older engine may crack the engine block. This will cause the engine to overheat all the time. In addition, a cracked head gasket or cracked exhaust manifold will also cause the engine to overheat all the time. Finally, it may be time to replace the radiator and/or other components in the cooling system because they are too old. We will find out why your car overheats all the time and fix the problem.

Excessive Engine Exhaust

An old engine that is leaking severely will also produce an excessive amount of exhaust. Your tailpipe will look like a smokestack. This is a sign that the engine is burning away fuel, coolant, or motor oil. The color of the exhaust will reveal the fluid. If the exhaust is black, the engine is leaking fuel. If the exhaust is white or blue, the engine is leaking coolant or motor oil, respectively.

Knocking All the Time

An engine that knocks all the time may need to be partially rebuilt. A common cause of knocking in older engines is worn rod bearings. Unfortunately, when the bearings wear out, the rods do not move up and down inside the cylinders without making contact with the cylinder walls. Consequently, the knocking that you hear is the pistons attached to the rods clanking against the cylinders.

Metal in the Motor Oil

We will need to completely replace the engine in your classic car if there is metal in the motor oil. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the engine parts are disintegrating. There’s no way to repair this problem. Unfortunately, we have to replace the engine.

Significant Power Loss

The same is true if your engine is losing significant power. As we mentioned in the introduction to this blog post, there will come a point when the engine gets too old. Consequently, the engine will be unable to produce power. There is not a specific repair to resolve this problem.

Call us today if you think the engine in your automobile is in need of significant repair, rebuilding, or replacement. We will inspect the engine thoroughly and discuss any problems with you.

Photo by khunkorn from khunkorn via Canva Pro

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