The Colors of the Fluids in Your Car

You’ve got a rainbow under the hood of your automobile. Automotive fluids come in several colors to identify them easily. We are going to list the colors below and provide you with the fluids that come in those colors. This helps you identify fluid leaks from your automobile.


The solution that is used to wash and de-ice your windshield is blue. This is most likely the only blue fluid that you have in your automobile. There are some brands of coolant/antifreeze that are blue, but this is not common. In most cases, the blue fluid leaking from your vehicle is the windshield fluid.


There are a few automotive fluids that are brown. Naturally, the motor oil is brown, as you already know. Another oil is the differential oil, and it, too, is brown. Finally, most brands of brake fluid are brown. These fluids are light brown when they are new. They turned dark brown when they get old.


To be fair, clear really isn’t a color but it’s important to note that if you have a fuel leak in your automobile, the fluid can appear clear. As such, it’s important to smell the leaking fluid to see if it smells like fuel. In most cases, the fluid will smell like water because it is condensation.


The coolant/antifreeze can also be green. Many brands come in a neon green hue. In other cases, the green color may be more of a green-yellow hue. This is just one color in which the coolant/antifreeze comes. As you will learn, this automotive fluid comes in several different colors.


Another color is orange. This can be the original color of the coolant/antifreeze, or the automotive fluid can turn orange because you have a radiator problem. As the radiator gets old, it rusts on the inside. Consequently, the flakes of corrosion can change the original color to an orangish hue.


Let’s keep talking about coolant/antifreeze. There are brands on the market that color this fluid red. In addition to the coolant, the power steering fluid in a hydraulic power steering system is also red. Finally, the transmission fluid is red unless it is old. It turns brown when it gets old.


Last but not least is the color yellow. This, too, is a color of coolant/antifreeze. Just like green, the yellow may be neon yellow that is bright and hard to miss. The color may also be yellow-green.

Give us a call today if you have an auto fluid leak. It is important to have the leak repaired as soon as possible, and we can do this at our auto service shop.

Photo by SeventyFour from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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