Which Motor Oil Is Best for My Car Out of the Four Available Types?

The best motor oil for your automobile boils down to the manufacturer’s recommendation, your driving habits, and where you live. CAR FIX in Maryville can discuss oil types with you to determine which one you would prefer to have in your vehicle’s engine. There are four primary types of motor oil on the market. We are going to list the different oil types below and provide general information about each type. This being said, your first step should be to check your owner’s manual to see what your vehicle manufacturer says.


The motor oil that wins the popularity contest is conventional motor oil. This motor oil has been around for more than 100 years, so you can count on it to protect your engine and keep it cool. Vehicles equipped with standard engines do very well with conventional motor oil. The best way to get the most out of conventional motor oil is to change it every 3,000 miles. This keeps the motor oil in your engine fresh and viscous.


If you drive an automobile that has clocked 75,000 miles on the odometer, you will do better with a high-mileage motor oil. This motor oil is designed for vehicles that have a few years underneath their tires. Manufacturers put additives in high-mileage motor oil to help prevent your older engine from getting an oil leak. As with conventional motor oil, high-mileage motor oil works better if it is changed every 3000 miles.


High-performance vehicle manufacturers, such as Audi and BMW, only recommend synthetic motor oil for their automobiles. The reason why is that synthetic is manufactured in a lab and contains additives to increase its viscosity and extend its life. If you drive a high-performance automobile, you’ll want to use synthetic in the engine. Synthetic also stands a better to extreme conditions, such as if you’re hard on your automobile or live in an area with frigid winters or summers that make you wish that you lived in Antarctica.

Synthetic Blend

Finally, there may be a point when you like to give your engine a little extra protection but not pay the price for synthetic motor oil. When this happens, you can choose a synthetic blend that is a combination of both synthetic and conventional oil. This motor oil works well in all engines except engines that require full synthetic.

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